Compliance in minutes,
not months.

Meet the EU Whistleblowing Directive effortlessly with our hassle-free compliance solution.

Is meeting EU Directives a challenge?

Traditional methods like mailboxes and emails fall short.
Modernize your approach with Better Whistle.

Distribute a unique whistleblowing link to your employees for easy reporting.

We’ll contact you when there’s a report, letting you focus on your business.

Every report receives our complete “white glove” service.

No setup. No lengthy integrations.
Share a link and we’ll handle reports as they come.

It all starts with a single click.

Evolving from proven foundations.

We’ve enhanced the GlobaLeaks open-source whistleblowing software for today’s needs.

GlobaLeaks was established in 2011 and is sponsored and supported by…

Starting from €59/mo.
Full features, zero complications.

  • Unlimited reports.
  • Fully compliant, secure and anonymous.
  • Trusted ISO 27001 EU data centers.
  • Support across all European languages.
  • Personalize with your company branding.
  • No long-term contracts. Cancel any time.

Ready to simplify compliance?

Better Whistle Benefits

Understanding the directive and setting up a system might seem daunting, but we have a hassle-free solution at Better Whistle.